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Welcome to Bicman's Corner

In this web site you will find many informations ( specs, differences, picture album, frequently asked questions, history and videos ) of my actual car, an Acura Integra GS 91. I'm glad to give you quality pictures and videos and an always growing contents about the second generation Acura Integra 90, 91, 92 and 93 ( RS, LS, LSS, GS, GS-R )

There is some scenarios for the game Wolfenstein 3D for Macintosh and also some Starcraft maps for either MAC and PC. You can get also useful links to other good web sites.

If you have the same interest as me or just want to say hi, why not leave me a comment in my guestbook before you go... i like some activity on my web site.

Enjoy your stay!
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Do you remember that old nintendo console? the nintendo entertaining system commonly known as the NES. Well, the other day i found a website: The Angry Nintendo Nerd. He review on video some of the worst games and this is particulary funny.

The best ones are: Teenage mutant ninja turtles, Simon's Quest, Karate Kid and Top Gun. Take a look for a good laugh.

The Angry Nintendo Nerd.


A movie on the transformers as began production. Official site.


For those who enjoy role playing games out there:

If you haven't try the Fallout series. Then you should seriously consider to give it a try. Fallout, Fallout 2 and Fallout:Tactics are all turn based games, which mean that the game stop at each encounter where fighting is needed. This is giving you all the time needed to dispose of your opponents with the best strategy.

For pictures and reviews: Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout:Tactics.

The immersion and the special feel of these games are unmatched, even with todays games. Highly addictive and second to none, if you got some time prepare to have serious fun and memorables moments.


Someone has stolen the flashers on the front bumper of my Integra. As you may know they are easily removable on the 1990 and 1991 models. The screws are visible at the front of the light's lens.

I think someone stole them when i was shopping for DVDs at Futureshop. I deceided to buy new ones from my Acura dealer for the costs of 77.00/each CDN.


I have seen the movie "The war of the Worlds" last week and i am absolutly amazed by that film. This is the easily the best film i've seen in years.

I see a lot of movie in a year and for some time i was a little bored because not enough movies can bring you sheer intensity and totally immerge you in it. This one did it and it was mainly due to Tom Cruise performance and the amazing special effects.

Steven Spielberg did it again.

Here is my Top ten movies list if you are interested:

01 - Schindler's list
02 - The pianist
03 - Cast Away
04 - The War of the Worlds (2005)
05 - Platoon
06 - Unbreakable
07 - The english patient
08 - The mosquito coast
09 - The Others
10 - Blade runner


A new version of Bicman's Corner is in progress. With my new skills of programmer, i will do my own guestbook, forum and refine the whole layout by "automate" the display of the pages and it's contents. The picture album of the car will need a better layout because it will grow a lot when the car will have is new paintjob.

The storage is now 10 times bigger. (100 megs to 1 gig)

And of course, like any good website, no advertising on any pages!


I recently get my hand on the brand new digital camera of my brother. So, i have taken some nice new pictures of the interior of my car yesterday. I will take some high resolution pictures of the exterior soon. I think i will be able to bring you these pictures before the end of the week.

I had taken so much pictures yesterday; so, let me introduce to you what may be the nicest cats on the planet!! There are my 2 cats: Ichiro and Manny.


I recently went to my Acura dealer to buy some parts lately and i taken the time to check carefully the new 2004 Acura TL. Oh my god! this car is so awesome! everything is made right. This car smell and feel high quality all around.

I was very impressed by the pictures i had saw on and car domain, but after i sat in the driver seat and put my hands on the nicely crafted steering wheel i knew at that moment that i would have one someday.

This car is amazing. In my point of view, this is the greatest achievement that Honda has made since the great NSX. I mean i always liked the older TL and CL, but the 2004 model is truly above them and catch all my attention. This is the right mix of performance, luxury and styling.

Just imagine how impressive the new Acura NSX will be. With all the experience that Honda have with the NSX over the years and the build quality found in the TL and the impressive features of the RL prototype. The future NSX or HSC will be really something!


Don't miss Wladimir Klitschko againt lamon brewster this saturday 10th april at 10 hour ET on TV at TSN or HBO channels. I hope Wladimir will knock Brewster out.


Boxing news

Vitali Klitschko is en route to dominate the heavyweight division in 2004. He knocked out Kirk Johnson in round 2. Let's go Vitali !!

For those who love boxing and don't know Vitali or Wladimir yet. Check their website here.
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