Last updated: 9/7/2006
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History of my car

Here you will find many informations on what i have done to my car over the years.
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Someone has stolen the flashers on the front bumper of my Integra. As you may know they are easily removable on the 1990 and 1991 models. The screws are visible at the front of the light's lens.

I think someone stole them when i was shopping for DVDs at Futureshop. I deceided to buy new ones from my Acura dealer for the costs of 77.00/each CDN.


I have replaced the cap and the rotor of the distributor 3 days ago. The problem was pretty bad. I had trouble starting the car sometimes (the rotor just missed too much), when the motor was running normally (900 rpm) if i pushed the accelerator very fast the engine stalled or almost stalled.

At first, i wasn't sure at all if it was the distributor because it was a random problem. But after i tested reving the engine at 3000 rpm and suddently pushed the pedal to the floor very fast, the engine missed also. So, it was clear that it was the rotor and the cap of the distributor.

Now that i had replaced the rotor and cap (GENUINE HONDA PARTS) everything is fine. It cost me 42.00$ (CDN) at my Acura dealer.

I will also replace the rubber band in the rear wheels fenders next week. These parts are very importants because they provides good protection from rust.


Today, after a big day passed at cleaning the car entirely. I have used a scratch paint repair pencil to "repair" some scratches. The pencil paint is a Dupli-color scratch fix 2 in 1. I bought it at Canadian tire for 8.99$. The paint color i chose is Universal black. Check their website for more informations.

I think that the pencil is working great.

I though it would be a good idea to repair some scratches that may be a problem someday. Even if the car take the most damage during the winter. It's a good thing to take care of the car as soon as spring. I just wanted to take care of the paint until the complete paint job next year.


I started to regulary put some grease to prevent rust. I check sometimes if the grease is enough thick to prevent corrosion. There is 3 particular spots that can be a problem without proper care. I just maintain the body as clean as possible until i finally pay for a complete paint job. Probably in the summer of 2005.


I have changed the rear caliper assembly on the rear left wheel because the piston was stuck. The rubber ring around the piston was damaged and so the piston rusted. I changed it because i was unable to turn it to lower it to make place for my new sets of pads. I've paid 266$ CDN with the return of my old piece.

To lower the piston you need to turn it clockwise by putting long nose grip in the X encarved on the surface. I find strange that Honda used that system for the rear calipers. I prefer by far the front brake system.

I have also done a massive greasing all around the car to prepare for the winter. Behind the mud flaps, under the floor, under the bolts retaining the rear spoiler (the rust was about to show up there), the front and rear fenders, behind the rubber ring around the keyhole of the trunk, the bottom of the doors, etc...

I have also intalled gray carpets that i've cut to fit right under the rubber carpets. This winter the original carpet will be very protected.


I have installed my new Pioneer CD player (DEH-7400mp). For the installation, i have pass 2 new 14 gauge wire for the rear speakers (JBL) for better quality. I have also put a switch that let me control the electric antenna for two important things:

(1) Most of the time, i listen CDs so i don't need it to be up.

(2) During the winter, it's very dangerous to damage it with all the snow and ice on the car.

If you want like me to put a switch for the antenna. Here is what you should do:

First, locate the yellow and white wire behind your radio.

Step two, cut it and put a female terminal on each wire. (You need to extend the lenght of the wires on both sides of the cut first; 2 times 3 feets of wire should be enough) Once done, put these terminals on each pin of a simple switch ON/OFF.

Step three, try to put the switch in a place that it's pratical for you. Mine is located under the dash, just at right of the gas pedal, behind the center console. I have put a tie rap to hold it tightly in place.

Now, you can stop using the antenna to extend and perhaps double his lifetime.


Today i've corrected 2 problems on my car. Because, 2 weeks ago i had experienced some problem with my Integra and i had decided to lay the car there until the weather will be enough hot to work outdoor. ... 1) the engine refuse to start sometimes: it was simply the low voltage of the battery. 2) The car stumble on acceleration: The problem was the cap and the rotor of the distributor. I replaced these parts easily. I also bought 4 new NGK V-Power spark plugs and and a fuel filter for prevention. I will install the filter next week.


I have removed the glass tint of the 2 doors. I "won" a ticket of 180.00$ because my windows are 50% tint. To be legal, i must use 30% tint maximum. Needless to say that i hate this damn law.


Yesterday, something bad happened after my day of work. A guy in his Dodge Neon 95 hit the rear bumper of my integra. He followed me too near and slided when he hit the brakes. Because it's was a rainy day and it happened in a road construction zone. His car is pretty damaged, the front left side, just around the round light is smashed deeply. His air bag hasn't go out and he is lucky, because it's expensive to replace them. My rear bumper is lightly damaged... just some scraches and a little perforation in the plastic at the right down side. He will pay for the repairs and i tell him that i want a new bumper. He told me that we really saw clearly which car is more solid.

I think that old Acura Integra G2 and other Hondas of the same years are quite more solid than newer ones. It is one of the reasons why i like so much that car.

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