Last updated: 9/7/2006
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Videos and sounds

This is the place where i list the videos and the sounds of my car and also others cars videos that worth watching. In most case, i list my personnal favorites videos.

Click on the image to download. if you don't have the right player intalled, you can right click on the image to save the target to your hard drive.

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8 Megs
I place slowly the car in position and i pump the gas pedal to prepare the engine then i simply use the maximum of torque the car can deliver. The results is 2 small burnout in 1st and 2nd gear with the grippy Pirelli P7000 Super sport tires.
6.5 Megs
An interior view run. Hitting the 7000 rpm in 1st gear and 6700 rpm in the second.
7.8 Megs
Some fast entertaining runs for your viewing pleasure!
14.4 Megs
Some fast runs and view angles of the car with nice soundtrack.
2.3 Megs
Just an overall look at the car while i pump the gas. The camera rotate around the car.
3 Megs
Smooth acceleration. 1st gear reaching 6500 rpm. 2nd reach 6000 rpm. On this video i reach 100 km/h and i start braking. This is not the fastest 0-100 km/h that the car can do because i should shift at 7000 rpm.
2.7 Megs
Nice acceleration. 1st gear at 6500 rpm. 2nd at 5800 rpm. Just before i pass in front of the camera i begin to decelerate progressively. There are peoples far ahead and i not want to look like an idiot. :)
2.4 Megs
Just pumping the gas in neutral position to reach 7000 rpm.
2.4 Megs
Because i still not really have new videos to add. I decided to add this one, this videos was filmed the same day as the others up here. I go down in a curve in second gear from the parking of the Royal Quebec Golf Club.
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