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Frequently asked questions

This section was created to answer the most common questions related to the second generation Acura Integra of every model.
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What is the 0-60 mph times of an Integra GS-R ? (0 - 100 kmh)

7.5 seconds.

On the G2 Integra the GS-R model with the VTEC engine have been available when?

In 1992 and 1993. So, the 1991 GS model was the top of the line of that year.

Anything special on the GS-R trim level other than his motor?

Yes!, it have a special close-ratio 5-speed manual gearbox. And no automatic transmission was available for this trim level.

Which model comes with the Acura alloy wheels in standard?

GS, GS-R. For the LS, they are in option.

The seats in the LS/GS/GS-R models seem to be better than the RS?

Yes, that's right. They have more solids seats and they gives better lateral supports.

I have noticed that the seats of the Integra RS look like the same that are in the Honda Civic SI 90-91?

Hum, they are almost the same i think.

How much time it take to a 1991 GS to reach 100 km/h?

Between 8 and 9 seconds. Not really timed it.

I saw an integra with headlights all in white, is this a special model?

No, the corner of the light parts are replaced by "clear corner lights" or the other possibility is that the headlights have been replaced by the JDM ones (JDM one piece headlight). You can also change the tail lights and they are called: "Clear tail lights".

JDM = Japan domestic market

What special about the LS Special Edition (LSS) model?

Leather seats, body-color side moldings, a rear spoiler and performance tires on alloy wheels.

Which model have the anti lock braking system (ABS) ?

GS and GS-R only.
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